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what is home based ipl?

In keeping with international beauty trends, we are proud to introduce you to IPL hair reduction devices, which are ideally suited for use in the comfort and privacy of your home.



​IPL stands for intense pulsed light, which is a form of light therapy. It used for various dermatological procedures including long term hair removal. As with many other light based treatments, IPL devices work by emitting a wavelength into the skin, which in the case of hair removal targets pigment. This causes the light to be absorbed by the pigment in the hair, which then kills the cells which make the hair.


Hygienic - In a salon, a single hair removal device is used by dozens of people. Although salons try and maintain the highest hygiene standards, they cannot however guarantee the hygiene standards of all their clients. Unlike the hair reduction devices used in salons which are used on dozens of people with varying hygiene habits, personal hair reduction devices have been specifically designed for a single person / single household use.

Discreet - purchasing a personal permanent hair removal device saves you from invasive (and sometimes embarrassing) salon treatments. Treatments can now be carried out in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Cost effective - An investment in a personal , permanent hair removal device could save you thousands of rands in salon visits. Each device has been designed to give you several years of service - with some devices offering full body treatment for as up to as much as 12 - 15 years of service. Ideal for post - laser touch ups as well.

Effective - When keeping to the treatment schedule, some devices offer between 72 - 92 % permanent hair reduction within a few months. * Results vary from person to person.

Painless and safe - Most personal / home laser hair removal devices do not need gel or goggles. Say goodbye to painful procedures such as waxing and epilating.

Easy to use - No prior training or experience needed. All devices come with instruction and treatment manuals which are easy to understand. They have been designed specifically for hair removal at home.

Convenient - Say goodbye to time consuming salon visits. Once bought, personal hair reduction devices are always available. No chance of skipping or re - booking appointments due to travel, illness, work or other excuses.

Ideal for sufferers of hirsuitism (who often require long term commitments at salons) - devices are safe to use as frequently as required, saving you thousands of rands in salon trips and other often painful and time consuming procedures.


Home IPL devices are not suitable for very dark skin tones. Using IPL devices on very dark skin tones may result in minor burns.

The devices are also ineffective on naturally light blonde, red or grey / white hair. This is because light hair colours lack the pigment needed to absorb the IPL light pulses.

To check if IPL devices are suited to your particular requirements kindly view the chart below:



Avoid use / use with caution on tanned skin.

Safety during pregnancy has not been established.

Home IPL devices are not suitable for men's facial hair. For men, personal IPL devices are to be used only below the jawline.

In women, the devices can be used on the face - avoid the area near and around the eyes.

Safe to use on the entire body, including sensitive areas such as bikini and underarms.

Home IPL devices are not safe to use on tattoes.

Always check with your healthcare practitioner if you suffer from any chronic skin condition, or if you are unsure about using a home IPl device.


​As with salon hair removal treatments, it is absolutely important to adhere to the recommended treatment schedule. This is to ensure that you obtain the desired results. A few devices offer online Apps, to assist with following their treatment plans.



​We hope that by investing in a permanent hair reduction device, you can finally be hair free for longer. It's time to say goodbye to costly, painful and time consuming hair removal experiences. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.

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